Qualcomm QCC514x and Qualcomm QCC304x

Qualcomm Bluetooth chips will bring ANC feature to lower-cost earbuds

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Qualcomm has announced two new Bluetooth chips called Qualcomm QCC514x and Qualcomm QCC304x. The ultra-low-power chips will bring the high-end features like ANC (Active-Noise Control), and voice assistant support to lower-cost earbuds.

Qualcomm’s latest chips support TrueWireless Mirroring technology. The technology allows just one earbud to connect to the user’s phone via Bluetooth. The other earbuds mirror the connected one and if due to some reason users’ removes the connected earbuds from their ear, the other earbud seamlessly take over from the connected one.

The other important feature is the support for ANC. As of now, the ANC feature is only available to the expensive earbuds like Apple AirPods Pro and Sony WF-1000XM3. New chips will allow companies to launch ANC feature to low-cost earbuds.

One of the key differences between Qualcomm QCC514x and Qualcomm QCC304x is how they support voice-assistant. QCC514x comes with Always-on voice support. Users can wake up the digital assistant by their voice command. On the other side, QCC304x offers a physical button for voice-assistant.



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