Samsung 150MP sensor

Samsung is working on a 150MP sensor for smartphones

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South-Korean electronics giant Samsung is reportedly working on a new 150MP sensor. It will succeed in Samsung’s 108MP which was announced in August last year.

The new 150MP sensor will be based on the Nanocell technology that the company used on its 108MP ISOCELL Bright HM1 sensor on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. In the 108MP sensor, the company used Tetracell technology that uses three-by-three pixels binding but the upcoming new 150MP sensor will use Nanocell technology that uses binds pixels nine-by-one pixel bindings.

Currently, Xiaomi’s Mi Note 10 and Mi Note 10-series feature a 108MP rear sensor. Xiaomi and Oppo both asked Samsung to provide 150MP sensors. It is expected that by the fourth quarter both companies will launch the smartphone with the 150MP sensor.

Samsung hasn’t yet announced the availability and launch details of the new pixel sensor. But we will keep you posted as soon as we heard from the company.



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