Samsung 512GB storage chip

Samsung starts mass production of 512GB eUFS 3.1 Storage Chip

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Samsung Electronics has announced that it has started mass production of 512GB storage chip, based on the new eUFS 3.1 standards. It is a slight upgrade to the existing eUFS 3.0 storage that is used in the Galaxy S20 smartphone series.

These eUFS 3.1 storage chips can reach Read and Write speeds of up to 2100MB/s and 1200MB/s, respectively. Samsung claimed that eUFS 3.1 offers three times faster Write speed than it is on eUFS 3.0 chips. The chip offers random Read IOPS at 1,00,000 and writes IOPS at 70,000.

Samsung says the eUFS 3.1 chip will let users save the 8k videos recorded on modern flagship smartphone without any buffering. The new chip allows sending over 100GB of data in just 90 seconds. The chip will be available in two storage variants–128GB and 256GB.

The company already started the mass production of the chip in Xi’an, China.



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