Twitter adds new features to its camera application

Twitter adds new features to its camera application

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Twitter has made some major changes to its camera app since 2006. The revamped camera for its app that will make it easier to tweet pictures and videos.

The company is also introducing new features to enhance pictures and video on the app in an effort to encourage users to make more use of the cameras on their smartphones, a move that adds features similar to those found on the apps of some of its main competition: Instagram and Snapchat.

“We’ve really intentionally tried to make the images and footage that are captured on the ground at an event look different than other images and videos that you might attach to a tweet,” said Keith Coleman, Twitter’s head of consumer product.

Open the app, then swipe left to open the camera. You can either snap a picture by tapping the camera button or hold the button to record video, up to two minutes and 40 seconds. With the Live button, you can then stream to your followers using Periscope, Twitter’s video-streaming service. Twitter will then recommend hashtags based on big nearby events and other signals, or you can add your own as well as a location and text. You can add a caption to your image and, as a fun little bonus, change the background color of the tweet text.

Twitter will also suggest event hashtags near you. For instance, Search the area around you for events where you might be tweeting, such as this week’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, and it will add the festival’s relevant #SXSW hashtag.

The new camera does not include an option to upload photos or videos that you’ve already taken but you can do that from regular tweet composer.

The new camera features are similar to Instagram and Snapchat. Twitter hopes the enhanced camera will get users posting more videos, photos and live broadcasts on its platform.

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