Walmart in-store shoppers can now order and pay for online orders

Walmart in-store shoppers can now order and pay for online orders

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Today, Walmart announced a new app that lets in-store shoppers order and pays for items online that are sold out in stores. If an item isn’t available in-store, customers can track down a Walmart an employee who uses a device with the app to take the order and set up shipping details. Then the customer gets a ticket to pay for the item at checkout.

The customers will receive a receipt or email they can use to pay at the register in the store, after completing the ordering process with the sales associate’s help, Walmart says. And the item will ship immediately after the customer makes the payment at checkout.

The service will be available in nearly all of Walmart’s 4,700 stores in the US, greatly expanding their ability to sell customers what they want. The service is currently only available for items sold and shipped by Walmart, but the company said it plans to offer items sold by its marketplace partners soon.

“The Dotcom store offers customers even more assortment options than what’s on our physical shelves — whether that be different sizes, colors or varieties,” said Tom Ward, head of Walmart’s digital and central operations,” in a statement.

The company has also been experimenting with and rolling out mobile checkout to its stores, but that doesn’t appear to be part of this new initiative. Its mobile checkout system, “Check Out With Me,” was first rolled out to its Garden Centers, where it can be cumbersome to haul heavy merchandise to the register.

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